Parkinson patients encounter freezes during daily life. A freeze is a sudden error in the brain, which results in stopping motion of the lower limbs. This can occur during walking, starting to walk, turning, etc. Especially during walking it is encountered by the patient as very obtrusive and can lead to accidents.

Research has proved that cueing (a rhythmic sound or other type of impulse; visual, haptic) can disturb the freeze and malfunction of the brain to help the patient to return to their normal gait cycle. This research has been performed in an isolated surrounding.

The cue2Walk is a wearable product-service that will detect the freeze and will automatically start the cueing in order to minimize the drawbacks of the freeze, which is called smart cueing. This smart cueing will help the patient to prevent freezes or minimize freezes during daily life in an unobtrusive, leading to an improved quality of life.

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