The Dutch basketball wheelchair team won a bronze medal at the Paralympics 2012 in London. In order to increase the performance of the Dutch team a project was started to improve the performance of the current used basketball wheelchair. Within this project there was a focus on:

  • Decreasing the weight of the wheelchair while keeping the strength the same.
  • Decreasing the wheeldrag and increasing the manouvrability, by changing the rims.
  • Decrease the lead time for production, by using a software tool to create the technical specifications for teh wheelchair.
  • Improve trasportation facilities.

This project is a collaboration between the Dutch Basketball Wheelchair Association, InnoSportNL, inMarket, DIDID, Delft University of Technology and the The Hague University.

The focus of DIDID was the development of a lightweight frame, a software tool to increase the ease of production and the research after the feasability of the new rim.