In 2011 the Blanko Foundation organized the first edition of the Rock a Rail, an event where snowboarders are showcasing their rail tricks on various types of rails in the city center of The Hague.

This year the 7th version of Rock a Rail went down on the 1st of December. About 40 riders from over 10 different countries battled each other in three heats. DIDID and GV-constructions came to a new and improved design of the setup, giving the riders increased possibilities and the crowd even more fun.



  • #1 Max De Vries (NL)
  • #2 Jesse Augustinus (NL)
  • #3 Sparrow Knox (UK)

Best Trick:

  • Jesse Paul (CA)


  • Simon Houlind (SE)


  • #1 Ivika Jürgenson (ET)
  • #2 Rachida Aoulad (NL)
  • #3 Dina Treland Nesse (NO)