In 2011 the Blanko Foundation organized the first edition of the Rock a Rail, an event where snowboarders are showcasing their rail tricks on various types of rails in the city center of The Hague.

This year the fifth version of Rock a Rail went down on the 21st of November. About 40 riders from over 10 different countries battled each other in three heats. DIDID and GV-constructions came to a new and improved design of the setup, giving the riders increased possibilities and the crowd even more fun. In the finals the level of riding was even higher than the past editions.



  • #1 Jesse Paul (USA)
  • #2 Kevin Trammer (BEL)
  • #3 Zack Hale (USA)

Best Trick:

  • Denis Leontyev (RUS)


  • Ethan Morgan (GER)
  • Cees Wille (NL)


  • #1 Rachida Aoulad (NL)
  • #2 Ivika Jargnson (EST)
  • #3 Pili de la Cruz (SPA)